Design (Right brain) + Logic (Left brain) = Unconventional creativity

Designing unconventionally
for your brand

About our studio

About our studio

Designing unconventionally for your brand.

The adage ‘Function before Form’ serves to solve many operational or functional issues, but it doesn’t necessarily stretch a designer beyond the true and tried, breaking boundaries and producing awesome designs. Or setting a whole new benchmark for extraordinary designs and discovering new materials or exploring new uses of old materials. If designers never tried to place ‘Form before function’, we would never have glass thin hand phones that enables you to communicate, take photos, track your location, browse the internet, store your photos, and monitor your blood pressure, and general health. All possible today because some time ago, someone, somewhere said break boundaries, go crazy and make a dent in the universe.
And all this requires you to solve problems analytically as well as going beyond limits creatively. In short, balancing the right and left brain to design solutions unconventionally. Combining creativity with logic to achieve awesome designs.

About Us
Gamuda Land Sdn Bhd

Gamuda Land Sdn Bhd

When Gamuda Land approached us with a double volume but smallish show unit, we immediately thought of New York lofts. The raw facebrick wall needs to look rustic yet elegant in an off white setting. Designed for a couple, the apartment needed to have private spaces to cozy up to a good book or spend the afternoon with James Bond sequels. Yet the center stage has to be the heart of every home, the dining space, where families bond over good food and stories.

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Harrod’s Café

Harrod’s Café

Located on the ground floor of KLCC, the Harrods Café compliments the premier restaurant upstairs. Designed to reflect the infamous Harrods deli, the café greets patrons with a mosaic flooring, gold domes and pendant lights over the deli display and beautiful menu boards

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Design Consultancy Service

Conceptual Design with Space Planning

This stage involves exploring the client’s vision, their aspirations, their culture and what makes their brand promise compelling. During this stage, we hone in on what is critical for operations,…


Developing The Design

Detailing the design entails fleshing out the concept into workable and constructible solutions.   Colours and materials are selected to best translate the clients brand character while being sensitive to budget…


Tender Documentation

This phase separates us from contractors.  While some contractors claim to be an end to end solution, this tender process is vital to help clients get the best Bang for…


Project Management

Policing the project, monitoring progress, reporting weekly progress and solving the problems on site to ensure that the project is delivered to the client’s expectation.  Independent from the contractor’s purse…

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