Conceptual Design with Space Planning

This stage involves exploring the client’s vision, their aspirations, their culture and what makes their brand promise compelling. During this stage, we hone in on what is critical for operations, currently and the future. Design must translate a client’s space into a brand experience that resonates with their internal and external target audience. It must be relevant, future proof and inspiring.

Developing The Design

Detailing the design entails fleshing out the concept into workable and constructible solutions.   Colours and materials are selected to best translate the clients brand character while being sensitive to budget and material availability.

Tender Documentation

This phase separates us from contractors.  While some contractors claim to be an end to end solution, this tender process is vital to help clients get the best Bang for their Buck.  Our task here is to ensure that client’s interest are met, yet at the same time, ensure that the shortlisted

Project Management

Policing the project, monitoring progress, reporting weekly progress and solving the problems on site to ensure that the project is delivered to the client’s expectation.  Independent from the contractor’s purse strings, as consultants, we are able to be absolutely focused on the client’s interest in ensuring that the design intent is achieved within the time and budget.

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